Individual Adults 18+

Online and Telephone Counselling

Counselling is beneficial because you are talking with a counsellor one-to-one, which means you are being given attention, and are able to focus on anything that you may be finding difficult.


The advantages of online counselling are that you do not have to travel to a counselling room,  you can access your counselling sessions from anywhere you choose, that is a safe confidential space. 


Individual Counselling is also called 'Psychotherapy' or "Talking Therapy". It looks at supporting clients to work through things with a trained Counsellor, explore any feelings or beliefs that may be holding you back, in a safe & confidential environment.


This type of therapy is focused solely on the individual which helps build a relationship, an alliance that is built on trust and mutual respect.


I offer a flexible counselling service to individuals/employees who find it difficult to access counselling due to unsociable hours, shift work, busy work schedules, who are unable to attend counselling sessions on the same day & at the same time each week.

I am minimum B.A. (Hons) Degree qualified. I am registered MBACP (Accredited Register) (BACP) British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy. 

I can offer a Solution Focused Brief Therapy approach to Individuals 3-6 sessions to start - Please enquire for Availability (Fee £55.00). I have experience working as an Affiliate Counsellor for EAP's.


Older Adults

I offer Online or Telephone Counselling to older adults who may find travelling to a counselling room difficult.

I can offer support if you are finding change difficult, transition in to older age, want to find new meaning, need support to face any fears you may have. I can provide a listening ear.

Getting older happens to us all, sometimes we can feel stuck, don't know which way to turn, feel isolated or lonely. Counselling can offer you a safe space where you can explore anything you are finding difficult whether past or present.


Students & Trainee Counsellors 18+

As a Student or Trainee Counsellor having your own therapy is an important part of the development process, key to your own growth and self-awareness, and beneficial in helping you step into the shoes of the client to see how they experience their world, and therapeutic process.

Life can be full of complexities, so looking at any unresolved issues you may have whether past or present can be helpful in your journey to becoming a qualified Counsellor.


If you want to make an enquiry please use the 'contact form' on this website. Alternatively, you can contact me by e-mail, or by telephone. If I am unable to answer, please leave your first name and telephone number I can call you back on. I offer a FREE 20 minute telephone call where I will take some brief details from you, and discuss what you would like help with. 


If you are in a crisis ‘online therapy’ may not be the right therapy for you. Signs of crisis may be feelings of wanting to commit suicide (suicidal ideation) or harm to yourself or others.


In this regard, please consider contacting your local accident and emergency department at your nearest hospital and ask to speak to someone from the Crisis Team.  

If you feel you need immediate assistance you may consider contacting the Samaritans, they are available by telephone on 08457 90 90 90 or by email on jo@samaritans.org