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‘Anxiety is a part of all of us, as it informs us of things that may be uncomfortable, and therefore, to a degree, is a necessary part of the self’


Q's & A's


Why is there an assessment process?


The assessment process is extremely important to help you understand and make an informed choice whether therapy is right for you, inform you as to how therapy works, confidentiality, advantages, limitations of online therapy, and the service that I provide. During assessment it is necessary to request information from you in order to evaluate any risk, existing issues, support needed, way forward, your goals etc. If I feel I cannot work with certain areas of risk as it is outside my competence I will discuss this with you.


What happens in our first session?

We will meet via your chosen online method on the date and at the time agreed. During our session we will revisit the Contract and discuss anything that may be of concern, or if you need extra support, or if there is anything that makes having therapy online difficult for you. It is important when attending sessions to find a safe quiet space where you wont be disturbed so we can maintain confidentiality and work ethically together. You can also use headphones if it will help.

How many sessions do you offer?

I offer short and long term (open ended) sessions but like most things in life, therapy will come to a natural end. You may wish to start with six sessions and move into open time. You may wish to end therapy sooner than first thought, in this regard, it is important to let me know so we can discuss our work together in an end session.

What approach do you offer?

Person-Centred Therapy is at the core of any work I provide. I work in an integrative way using theory tools and techniques from other approaches if a client wants to set specific goals, work through certain areas of their life that are holding them back, or something from their past is causing them distress and a more blended approach would benefit their journey towards acceptance, growth and change. I believe each client is unique so I tailor my work to meet the needs of my clients.

What happens after the initial Free 20 minute call?

Once you have decided to enter-into therapy, I will send you a form by e-mail to read, sign and return. Once I have received this back and my assessment process is complete, I will send you a 'Contract' to read, sign and return before your booked therapy session can take place.

How do I pay for Sessions?

Payment details will be in your Contract. I accept Bank Transfer.

One payment in advance will be required when booking your first session.

Do I have to be referred through my GP for Therapy?


You do not have to to go through your GP you can self-refer by sending an enquiry using the Contact Form on this website

Why choose therapy?

Sometimes a client's situation may be out of their control (such as things you experience in childhood, work-related stress, redundancy, illness, relationship difficulties, family disputes) but given the right support an individual can gain strength through adversity to become more resilient. It is natural to resist change when it is painful but being in a therapeutic relationship can help you to let go of negative thought patterns, become more self-aware, accept change, and move towards a new way of being.


Some clients come to therapy knowing what they want to talk about but it is not always evident, and sometimes there may be silences which can also be a very valuable part of the counselling process. Whatever the reason, it is always nice to have someone who can support, listen, provide a safe space for you to explore anything you may be finding difficult.

How can remote online therapy help?

Online therapy can be helpful for clients with issues around mobility who might otherwise not have been able to attend therapy, If you are suffering from social anxiety or other psychological issues, online therapy may help lower stress levels due to not having to travel to a counselling place.

Remote working can be beneficial because it can also keep you safe from Covid-19, or if you are having to self-isolate or just feeling unwell due to health related issues you can still have your therapy session. You  may be a busy individual with work, so your therapy session can be fitted in to your busy schedule or you may work unsociable hours. Whatever the reason online therapy can be as beneficial as in-person therapy, except it is offered via a video conferencing platform such as Zoom, Audio-Only, or Telephone  if you prefer.

*If I have no availability when you enquire you are welcome to join my waiting list.